Sectional door care to maximise the life of your door

Your garage door has been manufactured with quality materials and components to ensure years of trouble-free operation, but like all mechanical devices, a small amount of regular care and attention is needed to maintain the optimum level of operation and maximise its lifespan.

How to care for the finish on your door

All exposed surfaces require some attention to guard against corrosion and any other harmful atmospheric effects, particularly in coastal or geothermal areas. Washing the door with clean water and a cloth every two weeks is recommended. We recommend to most owners that if they’re out washing the car in the driveway, to give the outside of the door a quick wash at the same time. For the inside, a bucket of warm water and a damp cloth is all that’s needed. Do be mindful to keep water away from the auto opener or mechanical components.

Every six months, check the door travels smoothly

Every six months we recommend putting the door into manual mode and testing to make sure it can open and close smoothly. Your door should go up and down in a smooth manner with minimal effort. If for some reason the door is binding or not moving freely – give your us a call. If the door is restricted in its tracks for some reason and requires more effort that it was designed to take, it puts a lot of extra load on the engine and reduces the life of the motor.

Lubrication schedule – between services

This can be carried out by yourself every 3-6 months, but we recommend that once a year you get us in for a full service ($95 including GST). 

Guide Tracks

Do not use grease or oil in the guide tracks. For optimum operation the guide tracks need to be clean – not lubricated. Oils and lubricants attract dirt and grime and end up accelerating wear. We recommend a cloth dampened with turps or methylated spirits. 


A small amount of silicone spray can be used on these. 


Even though your hinges are powder coated to protect them from corrosion, it’s a good idea to ensure they have an extra layer of protection. We suggest a wipe with a damp rag every three months to remove any debris and a light layer of silicon spray. 

Opener Chain

The best option for chain lubrication is a silicone lube  You can buy this from any of the major hardware stores.

Cleaning the seals around your door

You do need to regularly check the seals around your door are clean and free from debris. The side and head seals are made from mohair – simply run your eye around them and remove any debris that’s become trapped in them. For the bottom rubber seal, use a damp cloth wipe it clean and also clean the contact area along the front of the door to help give it a clean surface to seal against.

UltimateCare – Regular dealer servicing and repair

Every door should ideally be serviced once every 12 months. Our UltimateCare maintenance program keeps record of your yearly services and contacts you when your door is due to be serviced to arrange a suitable time. This regular servicing ensures you get the longest possible life from your sectional garage door, and keeps it operating as smoothly and quietly as possible.

Please contact Sandi on (03) 544 6510 or 021 069 9442 if you would like to sign up for our UltimateCare maintenance program. 

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